Water Sports and Boating in India

From the very young age I admire watersports. I love spending time outdoors especially #OnTheWater. This interest in me has been growing with the age. Now for me holiday means kayaking or boating. A serene view of a green and clean surrounding of a waterbody not only appeals the eyes but an active timepass like paddle boating, kayaking, or strolling around the lake makes me healthier and fitter.

Spending time near a lake or beach doing boating is one of my favourite thing and I’m sure it will be one of your favourite holiday activity too. So I thought to share my little knowledge on boating and marine industry in India with you all.

So what is Boating?

Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether Powerboats, sailboats or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats), focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing. It is a popular activity, and there are millions of boaters worldwide.

Coming to boating activities they are as varied as the boats and boaters who participate, and new ways of enjoying the water are constantly being discovered.

Some of them include:

Paddle sports: These are done using

Canoes are popular on lakes and rivers due to their carrying capacity and efficiency on the water.

Kayaks can be found on calm inland waters, Whitewater rivers, and along the coasts in the oceans. Known for their maneuverability and seaworthiness, kayaks take many shapes depending on their desired use

Sailing can be either competitive, as in collegiate dinghy racing, or purely recreational as when sailing on a lake with family or friends. In this there are many types like small sailing boats, fishing boats.

Above all safety comes first, though it is a recreational activity and is done on calm waters it is important to follow some safety measures:

  • personal flotation devices (PFDs or life jackets) for everyone on board
  • a throwable flotation device (in the U.S., a Type IV PFD)
  • navigation lights suitable for the type of boat operation
  • visual distress signals (VSDs) which are effective both day and night
  • sound-making devices including horns and bells
  • fire extinguisher(s)
  • a copy of the Inland Rules

If you love recreational boating, do check MarineStore.in where I’m currently doing my internship. They have different types of boats, kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, stand-up paddling boats, sailing boats and also personal flotation devices. You can have your favourite one and go explore the waterways in your area.


Neoprene -Lifejacket

Now coming to boating industry in India, the market is in an embryonic stage but it is expected that the market in the country will enter in the growth stage in the next decade. Now the market is largely import driven with some of the major countries exporting luxury boats in India include Italy, UAE and China. A high percentage of boat owners are from Mumbai, Goa and Kochi because of the availability of docking facilities.

The luxury boat market in India has showcased phenomenal growth of in the last 5 years. As the market is growing the demand for boat building too. As I mentioned above the market is largely import driven if government provides necessary funds and opportunities we can build our boats. It is happy to note that boat building engineering is gaining glory day by day.

Boat building, one of the oldest branches of engineering, is concerned with constructing the hulls of boats and, for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging.

Boats is a general description for smaller water crafts including but not restricted to commercial, recreational and military crafts. In general the borderline between a boat and a ship is around 100 ft (30 meters). Ships are large vessels primarily used for commercial applications. Yachts are vessels primarily driven by the wind power via sails or wings. Motor boat (Power Boats) are boats primarily driven by means of engines. Sail boats are primarily driven by wind force and sails.

Powerful tools in boating are a belt sander, especially if using recycled timber or for finishing rough-sawn timber. A thicknesser/ planer is only needed if building many boats or larger vessels, as it is usually cheaper to pay a joiner to do this for a small amount of timber. A bench saw is useful if you buy larger sectioned timber, which may be considerably cheaper and need to saw it to the correct size, but again a timber yard will do this for a small charge.

This is a brief introduction about boating and boat building.

Stay updated to our blog…lots of interesting stuff is coming soon

Authored by,

K. Vadhoolasa – An admirer of water, passionate about watersports and an Engineer-in-making too 🙂


MarineStore.in is the India’s first and only online marine store. We are providing the boats, marine engines to defence and other public and private sectors since 1986 . We encourage people to participate in various water sports so that water bodies are kept clean and neat. Browse through our hand-picked collection of Boats, Kayaks, Canoes, Swimming Pool Floats, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Trolling Motors, Outboard Motors and others. We want to deliver the sea of difference. Join with us and make your life beautiful #OnTheWater

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